Thursday, May 31, 2007

Science Fiction - "Frameshift"

"Frameshift" - written by Robert J. Sawyer - is a book on a border between suspense and science fiction. The books takes place in present day (actually a bit in the past - they have no Google) and the main character is a geneticist Pierre Tarvidel. Pierre is doing some research on junk DNA and on how things that happen there may have lead to the rise of human race.

Meanwhile his girl friend, Molly Bond, has a weird genetic mutation that gives her close range telepathy. One of the things Pierre attempts to do is to figure out what is it about Molly's DNA that made this possible.

Thrown into this mix is a large subplot about Nazi hunters and possible war criminals working at the same labs with Pierre and Molly. Finally there is whole other subplot of unexpected deaths of people with potential genetic diseases.

Although it sounds unlikely, all these plot elements actually melt well and create a fun to read book. You keep wondering what is going to happen next and you want to keep on reading.

The story even has a Hollywood action-movie style ending.

Though not particularly deep, the book was fun to read.


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