Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fiction - "Animal Farm"

My daughter was reading this book as a class assigment. Since I never read it before I borrowed her copy and read it. This is the George Orwell classic parable about the animals that take over a farm from the humans and proceed to run it.

In the book the pigs, being the smartest farm animals, take over the management and direct the others. The story then moves from the idealistic days right after the "revolution" to the rise of a dictator. Although, Orwell seems to be talking about the rise of facism or stalinism, a lot of his observations in the book reminded me of politics today.

From the propaganda of Squealer, the pig that controlled the information and revised history, to the constant reminder by the top pig "You wouldn't want farmer Jones to come back and opress you, would you?".

I think this book will remain relevant for as long there are people and politics.


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